Tori Filskov

Spoiled Rotten Animal Therapy

I am a life long animal lover and am currently enjoying being a mother to 2 beautiful little boys. My husband of 7 years and I live on 13.5 acres in Vermont and we currently have 4 dogs, 1 cat, 2 horses and many many chickens! Animals are my passion and I have always wanted to work with or around them. I had a horse that is very special to me colic this winter (2019), during the really bad cold spell. Her owner and I tried what seemed like everything to make her comfortable. The vets came out 3 days in a row to treat her and told us if she wasn’t better within the next 24 hours, she would need to be hospitalized and monitored. Things didn’t look good. A few friends suggested Magna Waving. We set up an appointment and within hours of her first treatment, she made a HUGE turn around. I had been thinking about becoming a practitioner before, but when it saved Renny Roo’s life, I knew it wasn’t just the latest fad. I have always wanted to work with horses and dogs, and this just helped me make that leap of faith!


 We use the Magna Wave Sol!
It’s perfect for equine and small animals with short treatment times!

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